Imagine the two of you, 25 years from now. You’re sitting on your couch, together. Holding hands. Your wedding album is in front of you. You’re looking at the photo’s, reliving your weddingday, remembering how you felt. Enjoying the happy faces of your loved ones that were there. Laughing about the clothes people were wearing, how crazy you danced and how deliscious the food was.

Imagine your grandchildren, decades later. Going through your wedding album.

Imagine important that album is! It is a heirloom for your family. Important in the near future, to show people how your weddingday was, but maybe even more important in the far future.

I’m convinced of the fact that your weddingalbum is a treasure for your family. It’s the best way to hold on to the memorie of what is so much more than just one beautiful day in your life. It’s the start of new things, a start we never want to forget.



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