Coaching for photographers

Are you setting up a photography business? Or do you work as a photographer? Then I'm here for you! I offer three different forms of coaching for photographers. One Day, Walk Along, and The Session.

Personal coaching for wedding- and boudoirphotographers. 


“You are such a wonderfully spontaneous, open, and honest person you. It was very valuable to have you take a look at my business. You helped me tosee things from 'a different perspective,' the very perspective I need! I always look forward to visiting you and come home with an incredible amount of inspiration and information each time. I'm grateful to you for all of this.”

Mooie woorden

Duration: 6 hours 

  • 1 phone call to make a plan for the day

  • A full day actively working on your goals

  • 1 follow-up call to evaluate the actions we've set in motion

  • Location: at my home or a location of your choice

To the value of  1335 euro - now 995 euro exl. tax
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Are you stuck with your editing or does your photography business need a fresh perspective? If we spend a full day tackling your challenges and setting actions for the upcoming period, it can be just the push you need to enjoy your work and succeed again.

We'll spend an entire day working intensively on the subjects you want to improve, whether it's editing, time management, your workflow, or photography. In my coaching for photographers, we tailor a day to your current needs. Optionally, we can even do a live shoot together.
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With over 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer, boudoir photographer, and entrepreneur, I understand the ups and downs, recognize the pressures that photographers can face, and know what it's like to get stuck in your creative process. In my coaching for photographers, I enthusiastically provide you with the tools and solutions for every challenge.

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Coaching for photographers that gives your business a significant boost.

One day

Duration: 6 months

  • A kickstart session of 5 to 6 hours where we'll establish the foundations, set goals, and get started with a significant boost.

  • 5 monthly calls/meetings.

  • Ongoing support for questions via email or chat.

  • Location: at my home and/or online.

With a value of 3170 euro - now 2845 euro excl tax
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As an entrepreneur, you can sometimes get stuck in all the processes within your business. You often have to handle things on your own. From my experience, I know how great it is to have a coach for photographers who walks part of the way with you, helps you look objectively at your way of working, and assists you in creating order from chaos.

I worked as a counselor for 10 years, during which I learned how to coach people, set effective goals with them, and help them achieve those goals. I'm thrilled to make the connection to your business and would love to walk a part of the journey with you!
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There are 3 spots available for 2023, so schedule an introductory meeting now. This way, you can be sure that we can work together!

And if you need more assistance from me during the program, you can extend the program with additional 2-hour calls/meetings. This will lengthen the duration of the program, and the cost is 445 euros, excluding VAT, per additional call/meeting.
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Coaching for photographers that goes to a deeper level and guides you step by step toward your goals

Walk Along

Duration: 2 uur 

Location: at my home or online

It can be extended with additional calls or meetings of 2 hours each (445 euros excluding VAT per session).

445 euro excl. tax
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Are you encountering specific challenges as a photographer and do you want to be further assisted in photographer coaching? Whether you're just starting out as a photographer or have been in the field for years, a mentor session will give you that boost you need to progress!

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If you have specific questions or concrete points, you can schedule a one-time meeting. During this coaching for photographers, we'll take two hours to discuss your specific questions, and I promise you'll leave with concrete guidance to move forward.

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Coaching for photographers is available for when you encounter minor challenges or have specific questions.

The Session

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