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Dance & love // a portrait of two modern dancers

Josh & Shu

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As a photographer, you have to train your creative brain. As a weddingphotographer, the winter is the greatest time to do so, because summer is usually full of weddings (although, this year it will be the other way around for me :)).

When my dear friend Renske Meinema asked me to colaborate on this shoot with two dancers, I was immediately enthusiastic. We teamed up with the crazy talented Aniek from Liefste Dag to create art and we ended up in an old cheese factory in the North of the Netherlands, the Zuidermeer Fabriek.  We choose the location because it was raw and minimalistic. We wanted to create something that combined the beauty and elegance of the dancing with a raw environment. Making it a combination of raw and elegant, old and new, movement and minimalistic lines. That way we tried to emphasise the emotion we felt with the dancing. While we were shooting, we put on some music and let Josh and Shu improvise. The strength of their bodies, the way they worked together as it is almost effortless and the elegance in which they were moving: we just could not stop watching and photographing and filming this talented dancing couple!

Amazing that by combining different kinds of artistic talents into one shoot, we were able to create a piece of art. An experience we will all never forget.

Today, this shoot was published at Looks Like Film

Colaboration with Renske Meinema, Liefste dag, Fabriek Zuidermeer, Josh and Shu.
And here’s a selection of my images.

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