artistic and elegant
photography of weddings
and intimate portraits

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Welcome! I’m Naomi

Fotograaf en dromer, gefascineerd door jullie verhaal. Op jullie bruiloft ben ik er de hele dag bij om herinneringen vast te leggen: die lieve aanraking; de traan van je moeder; zijn blik als hij jou voor het eerst ziet; dat heerlijke diner; jouw dansende vrienden; jullie tijd samen. 
Geïnspireerd door poezie & kunst, intiem & oprecht, tijdloos & elegant. 
Ik zie het als mijn missie om jullie herinneringen te vangen in een prachtig erfstuk;
jullie handgemaakte, fine-art trouwalbum. Artistiek, tijdloos en elegant.


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An excellent photographer, who knows how to use her talent to put people at ease in such a way it provides beautiful and relaxed pictures. A photographer who records the moment as is, so you experience that exact same feeling again when looking at the picture. A photographer who is also invisible.
Just check out her portfolio; no more explanation needed!
— Ingeborg & Niels
Yesterday when you left there were so many different emotions and feelings rushing through me…I felt surprised, joyous, sensual, vulnerable, feminine, full of internal strength…
There were tears from being touched to the depth of my soul. It felt a bit surreal, like in a movie I was watching and still not realizing it was me in it.
There is so much gratitude in my heart for what you did for me! Gratitude for a faithful dance of being naked in my soul and body and being able to share this with you!
Thank you!
— Emily
A great photographer and personality!
During the intake (and whilst admiring more of her work) it became very clear that we would choose Naomi.
Not cliché, but pictures that radiated emotion, is what we went for. Even the people that were not present at our weddingday were moved by the pictures. We definitely recommend Naomi!
You were one of us during that perfect day.
— Naomi & Kevin

Intimate portraits


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