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Artistic Wedding Photography

His fingers gently caressing yours; the shimmering tear of joy in your closest friend's eye as you exchange your vows; the light gracefully illuminating your table setting: all those little things that make your day so extraordinary. I love capturing every detail in an artistic and intimate manner. Perfect for those who appreciate art and romance.

Together with you, I'll create a wedding album filled with stunning photos that will take your breath away over and over again.

Artistieke trouwfotografie tot in de details

Are you looking for an artistic wedding photographer who captures your wedding in a unique and cinematic way? Well, I have good news: you've come to the right place!

Elisabeth & Sjoerd

We would highly recommend you because your presence during the day was very pleasant. The first meeting and your clear setting of expectations helped create a sense of safety and trust. During the wedding, you took the lead without being intrusive. It felt really good, safe, and comforting to be photographed by you and have you by our side. Furthermore, we find you to be very reliable and professional. You deliver quality and follow through on your promises, which is a truly valuable trait. It's incredible how you captured every guest as well! The photos truly reflect the entire atmosphere of our wedding, and we are extremely happy with them.

You not only capture beautiful moments of the bride and groom, but you also capture the guests and the atmosphere of the day. When we look back at the photos, it brings back the feeling of the wedding day. Additionally, you have a wonderful personality. You are present in a kind and pleasant way. You made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, which is priceless. The album turned out to be amazing. We enjoy it so much. Pieter is especially happy that he can now show a photo book instead of all 800 photos. The album truly reflects our two days. We are extremely happy with you as our photographer and all the artworks you have delivered. You have so much talent!

Pieta & Pieter

Je voelt mensen, de sfeer zo goed aan, je begreep ons! Als je vraagt naar onze favorieten: Ohhhh zo moeilijk kiezen. Verschillende favorieten zowel zwart wit als kleur. Michel kiest er eentje van mij in het bos met magisch licht. Als ik moet kiezen dan degene waar we intiem naast elkaar staan, geen gezichten maar het licht valt zo mooi achter ons en groenige tinten om ons heen. En natuurlijk de zwart wit foto met de bruidsmeisjes, zo ongedwongen mooi moment!

Nicole & Michel 

Sweet words


Take a close look at what you ultimately want to achieve with your photos. Is it a documentation or a beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall? Do you want the photos to enhance the atmosphere of the day? Consider carefully the atmosphere you envision and choose a photographer who can deliver that. Don't believe photographers who claim they can do everything because photography is a craft, and no one can do everything. Each photographer has their own unique style. Look for someone who fully masters their own style and whose style aligns perfectly with yours. Don't focus too much on price because the "cost-per-use" in photography is different from that of a cake. You enjoy a cake once, but you look at your photos a hundred times.

Search for a style and photographer who can capture the atmosphere of your wedding perfectly. For instance, if we had gotten married on the beach in Bonaire, we would have probably chosen a different type of photographer. If you love classic, artistic photos and value seeing warmth in your pictures, then there's no need to search any further :)

Joanna & Michel

Search for a photographer whose style resonates with you completely. Their photos should inspire you. I wanted nothing more than to have such beautiful images of our day, and I was instantly convinced that you had to be our photographer. Luckily, we also got along very well, which is quite essential too :)

Merel & Luc

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Are you curious if your date is still available? As an artistic wedding photographer, I value personal attention and quality, so I only accept a limited number of weddings each year. Bookings for 2024 are now open. Most couples book me approximately six months to a year in advance. Fill out the contact form, and we'll schedule a meeting to get to know each other better during an informal video call or over a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) at my home. I'm looking forward to hearing your story and learning more about your wedding.

After I learn more about your wedding, I'll create a customized package for you based on your preferences. The investment for my artistic wedding photography starts at 2490 euros. You'll always receive high-resolution, carefully edited photos in an online gallery. And because I believe in printing photos rather than leaving them on your computer, you'll receive a small gift wedding album as a bonus, which you can upgrade to a beautiful, timeless wedding album.

Every booking begins with a non-binding introductory meeting at my home or online.

A treasure for the family that will pass down from generation to generation.

Your custom made weddingalbum

The wedding album is the personal coffee table book that finds a place in your home. To be viewed over and over again, reliving your day. It's not just a wedding album for the present; it's something that will last for generations, something people will look at for decades. Therefore, an album that maintains its quality is incredibly important. A luxurious, handmade wedding album is always the final product of my artistic wedding photography. In addition to capturing every detail of your wedding, I take the time with you to create the perfect wedding album.


How many photo's do we get?

Bij een gemiddelde bruiloft, waarbij ik 10 uur fotografeer, lever ik een minimum van 500 foto’s. Allemaal stuk voor stuk bewerkt en in hoge resolutie. Je krijgt ze in een prachtige, persoonlijke online gallery, dus je kunt ze heel makkelijk delen met vrienden en familie. 

How long does it take for us to receive the photo's?

I always guarantee that you will receive your photos in your inbox within 2 months after the wedding! As an option, you can also choose to receive a preview of 40 photos within a week. Or you can opt for a rush fee, to receive all the photo's within 3 weeks. 

How much time do we need to plan for the photoshoot at our wedding?

Because I believe it's crucial for you to fully enjoy your day without being overly focused on taking photos, I recommend that you and your loved one take a short break during the reception, right after the ceremony. If you allow me to accompany you during that time, it will be enough to capture some truly beautiful photos of you together. Moreover, it will provide you with a precious moment to be alone and enjoy each other's company while your guests are entertained with refreshments and drinks.

What's on your bucketlist?

When it comes to my work as an artistic wedding photographer, I would love the opportunity to capture an entire wedding in black and white.
For my personal life: I would love to go camping in the wild in Sweden and take a family road trip through America.


How many hours will you be present at our weddingday?

To create a complete documentation of your wedding, it's ideal for me to be present from a portion of the preparations until the start of the reception. If you have a weekend wedding, the day before and after can also be added. The number of hours I am present depends on your specific preferences. On average, as an artistic wedding photographer, I am present for 10 hours during a wedding.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

I absolutely love traveling, so I'm more than happy to accompany you on your wedding adventure. However, since I also value spending time with my family and exploring new places with them, I limit myself to a maximum of 2 destination weddings per year. 


How can we book you?

Please, fill out the contactform on this page, and I will get in touch with you for an introductory meeting, without any obligations. Please provide as much information as possible so that I can create a customized price based on your specific preferences and requirements.

If you are enthusiastic about my work and interested in my service, use the form below to get in touch. I’ll respond within two business days!

(if you don’t receive a message from me, check your spamfolder or contact me directly through e-mail or phone: / +316 4876 8246

Speak soon,

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